Customer Reviews

"Personal Assistant Without The Commitment"

Administrative Services

Keeping a home running smoothly requires detailed busy work like reviewing and paying bills and keeping records organized.
We save you time by taking care of it all in an organized and efficient manner.

Whether you need to keep files for taxes or set up utility payments and tracking, we can help.

  • Bills, Filing, Record Keeping &Bill payments
  • File organization
  • Record keeping
  • Clerical tasks

Senior Services

Extra help you may need for busy times and providing respite for families.  We offer the following services and many more.

  • Arranging for and overseeing household repairs, housekeeping service, grounds maintenance, delivered meals
  • Helping seniors understand the mail they receive
  • Running errands and shopping
  • Assisting with holiday planning and purchase, wrap and mail gifts
  • Assisting with moving to a new home, condo, or apartment
  • Teaching how to use computer, Internet and cell phones
  • Pick up prescriptions and monitor medication
  • Offer friendship and companionship on a steady basis
  • Help with home organization
  • Recommend or oversee home maintenance needs
  • Assist with finances, online banking, bill paying/tracking
  • Assist in making travel arrangements
  • Plant outdoor flowers, etc.

Errand Services

Let Us Run Around Town for You

  • Dry cleaning pick up/drop off
  • Prescription pick up/drop off
  • Post office deliveries/pickups
  • Bank deposits
  • Deliver or pick up personal items
  • Movie & book rental/returns

​​Waiting Services

We wait for the cable guy!
  • Wait in home for repairmen
  • Cleaning lady
  • Technicians
  • Package deliveries
  • Watch home during remodeling/ construction
  • Wait for children to arrive from school
  • ​Wait in line at DMV!!!
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Help For ​New Moms

Being a new mother can be an overwhelming life change.  An extra pair of hands to help the transition will significantly reduce stress.​  Someone to run a few errands can be a life saver for a new mom.

We can make introducing a baby into your family an easier experience.
We can help to make being a new mom easier.

  • Grocery shopping
  • Gift organization, returns and/or exchanges
  • Thank you cards
  • Announcement cards
  • Baby supplies shopping